15 Interesting 50 Word Story Examples: Get a Taste of 50 Word Stories

Where do I get fifty-word stories that reveal the typical nature of good 50 word stories?

As 50-word stories grow in form and many writers are experimenting with the form to see how much story they can work with the form and length, the result is excellent and fresh stories that linger long after you read it.

Stories that stay even when you have forgotten the writer.

This list is an example of stories that gives you a sense of what this form of fiction reads like.

When you go through these stories you would know and have a taste of what a typical 50-word story reads and feels like. 

The overall experience you get from reading 50 word stories.

This list is both for readers looking for 50-word stories to read and writers that are looking for stories to get inspiration from.

Note: Owing to copyright I will only be dropping the first line or sentence (as the case may be ) and a link to the full story.

1. My Father, the strongman by Bob Thurber

This story was published in fiftywordstories in March 2017.

A touching story of a father and son. The story speaks of many things when he said “he barely had the strength”

First line

Naturally, he insisted on digging his own grave.

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2. Last Dance by Chip Houser

The story was published in November 2017 in fiftywordstories.

The title portrays as much as the story leaving me with questions.

First line

Alone on a sidewalk, a young girl dances

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3. Thunderclap by Sarah Scott

The story was published in June 2015.

This story has two characters.

It is the story of a character going through second cancer.

First line

“Lightning never strikes twice”

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4. New Year’s Resolution by Mary Steer

Published December 2015. I like the approach to the story. This is an instructional piece formed into a story.

It has two characters.

First line

Do everything differently from last year.

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5. Old Age by Catherine Mathews

The story was published in August 2014.

The story has two characters.

This is the story of a couple growing old but

First line

The time had come for growing old together

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6. Epiphany by Nick Young

It was published in January 2022

It is a story with a single character.

First line

As a boy, he would steal away…

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7. Let the Past Stay Buried by Laurie P Mendoza

The story has two characters, a kid and a senior woman.

It is a story with a twist.

First line

“I know your secret”

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8. A Minor Comfort by Jonathan Kosik

It was published in February 2021.

It is the story of a boy and his father making it two characters.

The boy is reminiscing on a memory.

First line

Before the last shovelful

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9. Inspiration by Perry Mcdaid

Published November 2014

Two characters. One of the characters conceals something.

First line

The spider spun her web…

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10. Adult winner by Laura

April 2021

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The story was written in response to the prompt.

Write a story featuring drums

First line

Sunday mass was pouring out…

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11. Trapped by Mark Farley

It was published in February 2017

A snapshot of the day after a funeral.

First line

Mum came to stay the day after her funeral

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12. Canned Laughter by Daniel DeFranco

A character has the saying of his uncle pass through events.

First line

An Uncle told me TV laughter was dead people- it’s canned, he said.

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13. My Fortune by David Rae

Published December 2016

I was lost and retraced my steps in the story. The story had me stay.

First line

Grandma’s room; always dark

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14. New in Town by Roberta Beach Jacobson

Published December 2021

A subtle and delightful read.

First line 

Over my shrimp fried rice, I eavesdrop…

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15. The Missing Wallet by Katya Duft

Published September 2015

A surprising thief yet kind with a twist.

First line

Their first date went swimmingly.

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From the list of some of the best 50 word stories,some of them are from famous authors whose work have been published in prestigious magazines.

This list is a work in progress as I read and come across stories that are better in terms of writing quality and twist. I would add and update this list.

If you have read the examples, which one of them is your favorite?

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Let me know in the comments section.

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