5 Best Books On Writing Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction has grown in popularity. The number of people searching for flash fiction is increasing.

Many writers are adopting this form of fiction.

Writers have decided to write a how-to book on writing flash fiction.

While it may seem that all these books are the same. 

They are not.

Each book has a different approach to teaching flash fiction.

After we go through this list you should be able to choose the book that is right for you to get started based on your experience and the approach you prefer.

Let’s get started.

1. Brevity:A Flash Fiction Handbook by David Galef

The Art of Writing Very Short Stories.

This book is a guide to writing fiction

Some of the topics covered

  • Vignettes
  • Character Sketches
  • Diary Entries
  • Forms
  • Letters

Each chapter is filled with examples and exercises to practice.

2. The Rose Metal Press Field to Writing Flash Fiction edited by Tara L Masib

This book is a collection of twenty-five essays from editors, teachers, and writers in the field.

Some of the topics covered

  • Imagery as Inspiration
  • The Historical Roots of Flash Fiction

And other concise tips.

3. Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction (Masterclass) by Nancy Stohlman

This is a collection of flash fiction tips in concise essays.

This author starts by busting the myths.

This is important because those myths might stop you from improving as a flash fiction writer.

The book talks about other burning questions as a

Book Quote

A good story has urgency. Something has to happen

4. Flash: Writing the Very Short Story by John Dufresne

The book covers the qualities of flash fiction among many other things.

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Book Quote

Writing Flash Fiction will teach you to focus. In a short short story, you have no time for descriptions, subplots, extraneous characters,for backstory. Get in and Get out.

5. The Authorspublish Quick Start Guide to Flash Fiction by Amanda Mayi Dass

This is the shortest of all.

It’s 46 pages.

Perfect if you are looking for a quick start guide to get you going ( writing flash fiction).

It covers exercises as well as publishers of flash fiction.

Book Quote

In either case, I suggest you start now, yes now. Because no matter how much you learn about flash fiction, you will only understand its charms and quirks by living with it– by writing and reading it day by day.


We have looked at five books on how to write flash fiction.

I would love to know which one of them is your top pick.

Let me know in the comments section.

By Onyemechi Nwakonam

Hi ,I write poetry and short prose. I am excited to help you organise your writing journey.

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