3 Daily Poetry Contests In 2024

Are you looking for a list of daily poetry contests you can join any time you have a work written?

Let’s say you are doing a challenge and you want a place where you can send your poems daily to compete with other poems.

With annual competitions, you can submit a maximum number of poems and if it has an entry fee you would have to pay.

After doing my research I found these websites that organise poetry writing contests daily with no entry fee.

Compared to other types of contests the number of submissions is usually low.

The volume is spread across the entire year. You get fast response for your work and less competition.

This means your work is given attention because the submission is small.

As a writer, getting feedback on our work even though we don’t get to win is great because we can use this feedback to grow and write better stories and poems.

The way these contests work is that you have a list of contests you can always submit your poems no matter the time.

Let’s get started.

All poetry

All poetry is a website where you can read classic poems, post your poems and get to read other people’s poems.

It is a community of poets created to help poets get feedback from poets.

Unlike posting your poems on other social media sites where every person gets to comment.

Well, this is not bad but if you are looking for constructive feedback with specific details it doesn’t help.

But in All poetry members can only give specific feedback not vague responses like “nice”.

On this site is a huge list of poetry contests hosted by members of the site.

The list is a variety of poetry styles from haiku, rhyming, cinquain to free verse, etc.

When you get to the contests page you can search for a specific kind of contest.

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Let’s say you write free verse Poems you can search for that in the search bar.

This would help you narrow your results to only contests you are interested in.

Under the search bar, you would see a list of contests categorised into:

  • Categories
  • Ending Today
  • Started Today
  • Prompts 
  • Image

For the categories, you would see specific types of contest

  • Adult
  • Dark
  • Personal
  • Spiritual
  • Thoughts
  • Funny
  • Happy


  • View all categories 

No matter the type of poems you write you will find a contest.

At the side of every poetry contest listed, you will see a number which is the number of poems submitted.

This kind of increases your chances especially with poems that are not usually allowed in mainstream contests ” philosophical”.

Take note that the rules of the individual contests are made by the hosts of the respective contests.

You can also create your own with its own rules.

Entry Fee

It’s free to join and apply for all the poetry contests.

Check All poetry Contest Page


The website has been operating since 2000.

It’s a community that allows you to share your poems and get constructive feedback.

Fanstory is not limited to poetry.

You can also participate in other forms of writing contests.

You will also get feedback for every poem you enter into the contest whether you win or not. This is great if you are looking for feedback on your poems.

The list is updated daily.

The list ranges from ABC poetry, six-word poetry,15 syllable poems.

It is not limited to these as most of the poetry styles get you to exercise your creative mind.

For you to participate in any of the contests you will have to sign up for free.

When you see a competition you would love to enter but don’t have a poem that fits the rules of the contest.

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You can make a reservation for the contest.

That way when your poem is ready you can easily find the contest.

The cash prize rewards vary from sponsor to sponsor.

Entry Fee

To enter the contest is free.

Check Fanstory Contest Page

Poetry Soup

Poetry soup holds poetry Contests every day.

All the poetry contests are free and you can participate in as many as you want.

You keep the copyright of all your poems.

When they are listing the current contests they give you

  • The deadline
  • Number of poems submitted
  • The maximum number of entries allowed

The rules of the contest are determined by the sponsor of the competition.

Entry Fee:Free

Check Poetry Soup Contest Page.

How to win Poetry Contests?

The tips I would give also apply to other poetry contests. As well as other genres of writing.

1.Read the Rules

While this might seem obvious most people forget to read the rules. This leads to automatic disqualification.

If the contest is asking for a free verse on a specific theme or using a specific prompt and you don’t use the instructions given your work will be rejected.

Another reason while this is important is that these contests are hosted by individual sponsors with a different set of rules.

2. Check the host’s recent contests.

If you want to get the feel of what the hosts are looking for you can check previous winners of the competition. 

You are not trying to copy or imitate the work but to get a sense of what is required.

3. Enter More Contests

When scrolling through the listing of poetry contests you will notice that some have more entries than others.

Submitting your work to a contest with less number of submissions is not a guarantee that your work will be accepted.

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However, it increases your chances of winning.

Well in the process of writing and submitting to the different contests you get the sense of what is required.

4. Critically Review your Poem

Before you submit your poem ensure you review it.

Making sure you are not using cliche expressions.

You also want to check that you adhered to the rules of the contest.

Fanstory will allow you to make revisions to your poem before the deadline.

If you submit early you will get feedback on your poem. 

You can revise your poem with the feedback before the deadline.

5. Edit your poems

In the last point, we looked at critically reviewing your poem. This helps in the poetic side of your poem.

In editing your poem you want to correct bad grammar.

Check the mechanics of your writing.

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style

Doing this is easy as you can use free online tools to check your writing. What I like about most of the writing tools is that they tell you why the sentence is at fault. This is practice learning.

With time you will get better at editing your work.

Some of the free editing tools you can use

  • Grammarly
  • Prowritingaid

If you want to step things up you can get the basics of grammar.

A good book is “The Elements of Style” concise yet powerful and The Bluebook of Grammar


Aside from participating in the writing contests. All poetry, Fan story, and Poetry Soup provide a platform for you to publish your poems and get personal feedback.

All for free.

Which of the sites are you going to join first is it Fanstory or All poetry?

Let me know in the comments.

I would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions drop them in the comments section.

By Onyemechi Nwakonam

Hi ,I write poetry and short prose. I am excited to help you organise your writing journey.

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