Short Story Prompts: To Inspire You Right Now (2024)

Finding the right idea for your short story can be difficult.

This difficulty leads to putting off writing which we sometimes call procrastination. Writer’s block.

Nothing you write seems to be good enough because as we know it. 

We got it wrong from the beginning. The idea.

When you find an idea you are faced with another problem. The idea seems too big for the short story form. 

It is an idea you could use for a book series.

In this blog post is a list of ideas varying in form.

The types of writing prompts for your story.

  • One Word
  • Dialogue
  • First line
  • Plot Twist
  • Last lines
  • Characters
  • Settings
  • Theme

You can use these prompts for any genre of your choice. All you need to do is a little tweaking of the prompt(idea).

How to Get Short Story Ideas

A quick way to get story ideas

Get Unlimited Short Story Ideas


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Which of the short story prompts inspired you to write?

Let me know in the comments section.

I will also be updating this list every week.

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By Onyemechi Nwakonam

Hi ,I write poetry and short prose. I am excited to help you organise your writing journey.

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