31 October Poetry Prompts 2024

Hey there, poetry enthusiasts! 🍂📝

As the leaves start to turn and pumpkin spice lattes make their grand comeback, it can only mean one thing: October is here! And you know what that means in the world of poetry – it’s time for some spook-tacular creativity. 

Whether you’re a seasoned poet or just dipping your toes into the world of verses, October is the perfect month to let your imagination run wild. 

So, grab your favorite notebook, cozy up with a warm blanket, and join us as we dive into some October poetry prompts that will get those creative juices flowing faster than you can say “trick or treat!” 🎃👻

These are poetry prompts for each day of October with different styles.

Let’s get started.

October 1st:

One word – Change

First line – The leaves start to change from green to red and gold

Theme – Autumn

October 2nd:  

One word – Spider

First line – The spider spins her silken web across the porch

Theme – Nature

October 3rd:

One word – Moon 

First line – Tonight the harvest moon rises large and bright

Theme – Night sky

October 4th:

One word – Scarecrow

First line – The scarecrow stands guard over the pumpkin patch

Theme – Halloween 

October 5th:

One word – Mask

First line – I cover my face with an elaborate mask for the costume party

Theme – Disguise

October 6th:

One word – Potions 

First line – The witch stirs and mixes magical potions in her cauldron 

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Theme – Magic

October 7th:  

One word – Bones

First line – The skeleton rattles his bones on Halloween night

Theme – Spooky

October 8th:

One word – Candy

First line – I sort through my haul of sweet Halloween candy

Theme – Treats

October 9th:

One word – Leaves

First line – Crisp leaves crunch under my feet on the trail

Theme – Fall hike

October 10th: 

One word – Ghost

First line – The ghost drifts down the empty hallway moaning softly

Theme – Haunted house

October 11th:

One word – Cobweb  

First line – Dusty cobwebs hang in the corners of the attic

Theme – Spiders 

October 12th:

One word – Pumpkin

First line – Carving jack-o-lanterns is a Halloween tradition

Theme – Jack-o-lanterns

October 13th:

One word – Black

First line – A black cat darts across the road on this spooky night 

Theme – Superstition 

October 14th: 

One word – Full

First line – The full moon casts an eerie glow through the trees

Theme – Werewolves 

October 15th:

One word – Costume

First line – I try to decide on the perfect Halloween costume 

Theme – Dress up

October 16th: 

One word – Midnight  

First line – The old clock strikes midnight on Halloween night

Theme – Witching hour

October 17th:

One word – Masked

First line – Figures in masked costumes fill the streets on Halloween

Theme – Mystery 

October 18th:

One word – Candy 

First line – My sweet tooth craves candy corn and chocolate 

Theme – Sweets

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October 19th:

One word – Shadows

First line – Shadows dance in the flickering light of the jack-o-lanterns

Theme – Light and dark

October 20th:

One word – Spiderweb 

First line – Dewdrops glisten on the spiderweb in the early morning light

Theme – Nature

October 21st: 

One word – Witch  

First line – The witch flies across the harvest moon on her broomstick

Theme – Magic 

October 22nd:

One word – Cat 

First line – A black cat peers with luminous eyes from the dark porch

Theme – Animals

October 23rd:

One word – Trick

First line – “Trick or treat!” the children shout excitedly

Theme – Halloween night

October 24th:

One word – Monster 

First line – The monster emerges from the shadows of the haunted forest

Theme – Horror

October 25th:

One word – Mist  

First line – Thick mist swirls over the moonlit moor on Halloween night

Theme – Atmosphere 

October 26th:

One word – Dark 

First line – Tonight is dark for tricks and treats

Theme – Halloween

October 27th:

One word – Midnight

First line – The witching hour strikes at the distant midnight bell

Theme – Magic 

October 28th:  

One word – Mask

First line – Behind the mask, my true face lies hidden

Theme – Disguise

October 29th:

One word – Moonlight

First line – Pale moonlight casts my shadow on the ground

Theme – Night

October 30th:

One word – Hollow

First line – The hollow pumpkin flickers with a carved grin 

Theme – Jack-o-lantern

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October 31st:

One word – Fear

First line – My heart pounds with fear on Halloween night

Theme – Horror


Well, folks, it’s been a poetic journey through October like no other! 🍁✨

We hope these poetry prompts have sparked your creativity and filled your October days with inspiration. 

Remember, poetry is a fantastic way to capture the essence of the season, whether you’re describing the crisp air, the changing colors, or the spooky tales of the night.

Don’t stop here! Keep those pens scribbling and those keyboards clicking, because poetry knows no season. And who knows, your words might just cast a spell on someone or send a chill down their spine. 🧙‍♀️📜

I  wish you a wonderfully poetic October filled with magic, mystery, and, of course, magnificent verses. 

Until next time, keep writing and embracing the beauty of words. 👋📖🍂

By Onyemechi Nwakonam

Hi ,I write poetry and short prose. I am excited to help you organise your writing journey.

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