4 Best Concrete Poem Generators(FREE+No signup)

Imagine for a moment you could get your poem formatted into a concrete form or shape. 

Sometimes you are looking for a website to make and transform it’s generated poem into a visual form for your admiration.

Before we begin. I would be using visual and concrete alternatively throughout this blogpost.

Let’s get started.

What is a Concrete Poem?

A concrete poem is a poem with an image or formatted into an image(shape) that corresponds with the subject of the poem.

Let’s say you write a poem about a tree.

Concrete would be when the lines of the poem are formatted into the shape of a tree.

Now let’s get into the concrete poem makers.

  1. Poem of Quotes

This is a site that makes a variety of poems from limerick, haiku to concrete poems.

It has two types of concrete generator.

Manual generator

If you already have a poem and you are looking for a tool to help you format it into your desired shape. 

You should use this tool.

When you select this tool. 

The site would ask for your desired shape.

You can use any shape of yours whether it’s the shape of the heart, moon, or basketball.

Fill in your poem into the text box provided for you.

If you don’t have any poems.

 You can use it’s other poem generator to make one and paste it.

Automatic Concrete Poem Generator

This works for you if you don’t have any poem in mind. That is you are looking for a site to both do the making of the poem as well as converting it into your desired shape.

Select the shape.

Enter a few words to describe the subject of your poem.

Watch it do wonders when you click on generate.

  1. Poem Generator

This is one of the best and most versatile poetry generators.

Which means it can also generate other forms of poetry like haiku etc.

It has two parts.

Choose a shape out of the premade shape templates.

You can’t use your shape.

Words concerning your poem.

This generator uses most of your words to make and format a concrete Poem.

It passes your answers to its questions through its template to give you your poem.

If you don’t feel like answering the questions no problem.

You can click on suggest to have it generate an answer for you.

When you’re done you can publish the poem on the website to get comments or discard it.

If you don’t like the poem generator click on create new to make another poem.

  1.  Visual Poetry

This concrete poem generator is provided by language is a virus.

You can make other forms of poetry on the site.

I kinda like this one because you have control over the style of the outcome.

Tweaking the result to your desired shape.

All you need to do is enter the text or poem.

It does not generate a poem for you.

An alternative will be to use the other poem generators on the site to make a poem that you will paste into the text box.

Next will be to choose the minimum size, maximum size, random angle text color, and background color.

Click on anywhere on the page hold the mouse to draw a shape.

This is what I like. The customization. You can draw any shape whether it’s a moon, ball literary anything that comes into your mind as long as you can draw it with your mouse you can make it into a visual poem.

Make sure you save the drawing as an image.

Click on clear to start over.

  1. Creative Communication

This visual poem generator is provided by poetry games. 

It has an example on the site of a tree.

The words are made into a shape.

It is a straight forward process.

Enter the title of your poem

and put in the words for each line of your poem. It has three lines. If you need more click on Add Line decide if you need it in the center.


Now it’s your turn, which of the concrete poem are you going to try first. 

What shape are you going to make a concrete poem for? 

Are you going to use a regular shape or something rare?

I would love to know

Let me know in the comments section.🤔

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By Onyemechi Nwakonam

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