85 Funny Poetry Prompts (2024)

Laughter is a universal language, a joyous remedy for life’s challenges, and a doorway to creativity that knows no bounds. 

In the realm of poetry, humor brings an element of surprise and delight, turning ordinary words into extraordinary moments of mirth. 

Welcome to our collection of “Funny Poetry Prompts,” where we aim to infuse your verses with humor, wit, and a dash of whimsy. 

Within these prompts lie the solutions to the age-old challenge of crafting poems that not only tickle the funny bone but also stir the soul. 

Whether you’re an experienced humorist or simply curious about the comedic side of poetry, these prompts will spark your imagination and invite you to explore the lighter side of life.

 So, grab your pen, ready your wit, and join us on a journey where words become laughter, and poetry becomes a remedy for the ordinary.

1.Silly Word Prompts:

– Use the word “flibbertigibbet”

– Use the word “kerfuffle” 

– Use the word “bamboozle”

– Use the word “snollygoster”

– Use the word “rumpus”

2. Exaggeration Prompts:

– Exaggerate taking out the trash

– Exaggerate doing laundry

– Exaggerate making the bed

– Exaggerate washing dishes

– Exaggerate grocery shopping  

3. Humorous Point of View Prompts:

– From the perspective of a playful puppy

– From the perspective of a hungry mosquito 

– From the perspective of a snowman

– From the perspective of a pumpkin

– From the perspective of an excited graduator

4. Parody Prompts:

– Parody Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18

– Parody Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken

– Parody Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven

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– Parody Wordsworth’s Daffodils 

– Parody Dr. Seuss style and rhymes

5. Limerick Prompts:

– Write a funny limerick about laundry

– Write a funny limerick about traffic

– Write a funny limerick about coffee

– Write a funny limerick about the beach

– Write a funny limerick about the dentist

6. Topic Prompts: 

– Ode to ice cream trucks

– Ode to your couch

– Ode to sweaters in winter

– Ode to pizza 

– Ode to your cat

7. Situation Prompts:

– An awkward elevator ride 

– Forgetting someone’s name

– Getting a bad haircut

– Locking yourself out of the house

– Spilling coffee on yourself

8. Style Prompts: 

– Mimic Shel Silverstein’s style

– Mimic Ogden Nash’s light verse

– Mimic Dr. Seuss’ rhymes and humor

– Mimic limericks and nonsense verse

– Mimic the humor of Lewis Carroll

9. Rhyme Prompts:

– Use surprising food rhymes

– Make amusing weather rhymes

– Rhyme funny words with “orange”

– Use humorous rhyming pairs  

– Create silly rhymes about chores

10. Current Events Prompts:

– Put a funny spin on the news

– Joke about pop culture  

– Make light of celebrity mishaps

– Poke fun at fashion trends

– Satire politics and events

11. Observation Prompts:

– Wry observations about pizza deliveries 

– Witty thoughts about grocery shopping

– Droll musings about exercise

– Ironic reflections on diets

– Waggish remarks about laundry

12. Comedic Timing Prompts:

– Vary sentence length for surprises

– Use pauses and interruptions  

– Repeat words or ideas for emphasis  

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– Accelerate the pace towards the end

– Slow down to draw out a funny moment

13. Exaggerated Analogy Prompts: 

– Similes comparing people to animals

– Metaphors about food

– Analogies using hyperbole 

– Over-the-top comparisons to nature  

– Outlandish personification 

14. Malapropism Prompts:

– Mix up words about cooking

– Use incorrect words about exercise

– Swap similar sounding words 

– Bungle idioms and cliches  

– Spoonerisms and eggcorns

15. Irony/Juxtaposition Prompts:

– Meeting an old bully who’s now nice

– A rainy day on a tropical vacation   

– Forgetting things when rushing to remember

– Long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles

– Running out of gas going to fill up

16. Absurdist Prompts: 

– Raining donuts and gumdrops

– Brushing your teeth with a pineapple

– Riding a giant kitten to work

– Biking uphill on a waterfall

– Turning into a sentient onion

17. Pun Prompts:

– Funny cake and baking puns

– Clever coffee and tea puns

– Amusing weather and seasonal puns

– Silly animal puns

– Ridiculous food puns


As we conclude this whimsical journey through our “Funny Poetry Prompts,” we hope you’ve found inspiration and joy in the world of humorous verse. Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine, and poetry provides a delightful prescription for those seeking moments of levity and amusement.

Now armed with these prompts, it’s your turn to take the stage and craft your own comedic sonnets, lighthearted limericks, or uproarious rhymes. 

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild, for in humor, there are no boundaries, only endless possibilities.

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Share your funny poems with friends, family, or fellow poets, and let the contagious laughter ripple through the pages.

 Remember, the world can always use more smiles and chuckles, and your funny poetry might just be the remedy someone needs.

So, embrace the quirky, celebrate the absurd, and keep those poetic quills dancing to the rhythm of laughter. 

Thank you for joining us in this poetic comedy club, and may your verses continue to tickle hearts and minds alike. Happy writing, and may your words forever be infused with humor and wit!

By Onyemechi Nwakonam

Hi ,I write poetry and short prose. I am excited to help you organise your writing journey.

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