10 Best 100 Word Story Magazines:Only List You Need (2024)

Publishing your 100 word story should not be so difficult.

Whether you are a beginner or you have been practicing the form, no worries.

These magazines will accept your submissions (100 word stories). Some of them offer a form of payment if your work is published.

Most of the magazines are free to read and submit your work for publication.

If you are a reader no need for fees to enjoy 100 word stories.

All you need is to make use of these platforms. Some of these platforms have published the work of famous and reputable authors in the genre.

Since 100 word story is a growing form of fiction writing this list will keep growing as new magazines emerge on the literary scene.

Let’s get started.

1. 100 Word Story

100 word story is among the reputable sites publishing 100 word stories. The website published both 100 word fiction and 100 word essays.

Reading Fee: The magazine is free to read.

Submission Fee: $2 per submission

Check 100 word story Submission Guidelines

2. Friday Flash Fiction

From the name Friday Flash Fiction, this magazine is published weekly on Fridays. They are looking for stories within 75 – 100 words.

Reading Fee: Free

Submission Fee: Free

Check Friday flash fiction Magazine

3. 101 Words

Although this list is a list for magazines that publish 100 word stories.  This literary journal publishes exactly 101 words in the word count of fiction daily on the website.

The website has been in the microfiction scene for a long time. 

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Submission Fee: Free


They will pay you $10 if your work is selected for their flash fiction anthology.

Nothing for publishing your story on their website.

Check out 101 Words Submission Guidelines

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4. Black ink fiction

Black ink fiction is another magazine that publishes Microfiction every week on the website. Details of the prompt are on the website.

Sign up for the Black ink fiction newsletter to get notified.

5. The Centifitionist

The magazine is looking for only Microfiction pieces of 100 words or less.  They are a biannual magazine.

Along with their submission guidelines they do have links to stories they like.

Submission fee: $3

Check submission guidelines for the centifictionist.

6. Dribble Drabble Review

As the name implies this website publishes exactly fifty words( dribble) and one hundred words (drabble).

The magazine is a biannual magazine publish and accept works for publication in spring and fall.


The works on The Dribble Drabble Review is open themed and they accept prose, poetry and prose poetry as long as it meets the word count of 50 words or 100 words.

Submission Fee: Free

Check their website for sample stories and detailed submission guidelines.

7. Unstamatic

Unstamatic is a micro literary magazine that has an open theme and a variety of genres for the writings accepted. 

They accept poetry and flash fiction of 100 words or less.

They aim to publish twice a month.

Submission Fee: Free



 Check out more about Unstamatic.

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8. Microfiction Monday Magazine

Microfiction Monday Magazine seeks to publish stories that are 100 words or less with a sweet spot for stories between 50 and 100 words.

They publish every first Monday of the month.

Submission Fee: Free

Check out Microfiction Monday Magazine for their submission guidelines.

9. Versification Magazine

They are looking for stories of 100 words or less.

They promise to respond to your submission within two weeks.

Although they are open to a variety of genres they have restrictions on some cliche writings.

Submission Fee: Free

Check Versification Magazine for submission guidelines.

10. Martian Magazine

This is a science fiction magazine. 

They are looking for stories that are science fiction or within any of the subgenres of science fiction.

They are looking for exactly 100 words. 

They publish every Monday and Friday.

Payment: They pay 0.08 per word of original fiction. Which would be about 8 dollars for Drabble.

Check martian Magazine for submission guidelines

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We have looked at ten Magazines to read 100 word stories.

You also get to put your name out there and build your portfolio as a creative writer when they publish your stories.

As new magazines emerge I would update this list. 

From this list which of the magazines will you be submitting to first I would love to know.

Let me know in the comments section.

By Onyemechi Nwakonam

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