Drabble: 8 Excellent 100 Word Story Examples

The 100 word story form of fiction has grown over the years to have Drabble contests with a strictly one hundred word count requirement for entries.

With more magazines and contests more writers are trying their hands at it.

While the number of readers is increasing every day. 

Although not rapidly.

 If you are new to the one hundred word story or drabble story form and you are looking for stories that reflect the typical goodness and excellence of the form. 

This post is for you.

I will share examples to help you become familiar with the look and feel of the 100 word story form.

For the sake of copyright, I will only post the first sentence or line of the stories with a link to the complete stories.

Let’s proceed.

1. Four Story by Molly Gate. 

Although this story is a collection of five stories written by Molly gates and published by

 One of the stories that stood out to me was Bob and Betty in the collection. 

Why I liked the story. The story was going on to the point where I felt I knew where it was going but I was surprised when it took a different road, not necessarily the author but the story.

This is a perfect example of a microfiction( 100 word story ) ending with a twist.

 First Line

It was a good divorce.

Read all four stories

2. A Friend Like Coyote by Shane Riczu

This story is the winner of the 2021 NYC Microfiction 100 word story. The story was written in response to these prompts

  • Action: Chasing Something
  • Word: Grow
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First Line

Every cowboy needs a friend like Coyote. I give so many gifts.

Read complete story

3. The Old Man and The Moon by Regan Puckett

This is the second prize winner of the NYC Microfiction challenge for 2020.


  • Action: Unpacking a suitcase
  • Word: Light

First Line

For millennia, when a star flickered, the old man ascended the stairway toward the sky carrying a suitcase of starbulbs.

Read the complete 100 word story 

4. Downstream by Emily Roth

 This story is from the 100-word Microfiction Challenge 2020, Final Round (5th Place)

The story was written in response to the contest prompt

  • Action: Unpacking a suitcase
  • Word: Light

What I love about this story is the opening line. It gets me asking “what happened” and then what.

First Line

Her son vanished.

Read the complete story

5. MONKEYS WITH MONEY AND GUNS by Matt Soden, Chelmsford

This is the winner of the readers digests 2018 microfiction 100 word story contest.

First Line

Shaving the chimp and getting it into a suit was one thing, but getting it elected?

Read the complete story

6. CONSIDERING THE WEATHER by Noah Russell, Kent

The Runner up of the 2018 readers’ digest contest.

First Line

Two boys lay in the grass, considering the weather. “The sun is very strong,” said one to the other.

Read complete story

7. The week our landlord kicks us out by Frankie McMillan

The opening line is filled with suspense. Let’s say it hooked me.

First Line

No rescue anywhere so we huddle around a fire under the railway bridge.

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Read complete story 


by Penny Blackburn, Tyne and War.

This is another runner up in the 2018 reader’s digest contest.

All the stories from the reader’s digest are on the same page.

First Line

He presses the piano.

Read the complete story

If you want a list of inspiring prompts for your next 100 word stories. See the list of 50 Creative 100 Word Story Prompts

Read More Stories

If you want more. A compilation of stories carefully arranged for you. Check out this book, a collection of beautiful 100 word stories.

Nothing Short Of: Selected Tales from 100 Word Story

100 word story collection
Nothing short of 100

You can read these 100 Word Story Magazines


The 100 word story form is growing faster than the 50 word story and many writers and readers are considering the form.

With these examples, you have been exposed to some of the best examples of drabbles or 100 word stories from excellent writers of the form.

We have looked at some examples of  100 word stories.

I would love to know which one of these stories is your favorite.

Let me know in the comments.

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