How to Write Flash Fiction:3 Writers Share (Video)

Where do you start writing this thing called flash fiction.

As a beginner it is important you get started using the right techniques for writing flash fiction.

With these writing tips on how to write flash fiction you would avoid making flash fiction mistakes.

Your eyes will be open to your mistakes.

And if you are an advanced writer you will learn another technique to add to your writer’s tool box.

1. Reedsy

2. Flash Fiction Online

3. The Five S’ of Flash Fiction

Learn more

To get the complete writing tips in text in writing flash fiction check out stories in your pocket by David Gaffney.


This blogpost is a work in progress.

As I learn the insider tips from writing and improving I would share them on this page.

For now this should get you started.

If you have any questions please ask in the comments section.

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By Onyemechi Nwakonam

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