100 Creative Haiku Poetry Prompts  2024

Haiku poem prompts give writers ideas for topics to write about in haiku poems. 

Haiku poems are very short Japanese poems that are only 3 lines long. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables again. 

Haiku poems often describe things in nature like flowers, animals, and seasons. They try to paint a picture or moment in just a few words.

 Some common haiku prompt topics are nature, seasons, emotions, everyday life, relationships, personal thoughts, spiritual ideas, humor, special events, imagination, and more. 

Prompts help writers get started with their haiku poems by giving them a topic to focus on. The prompt could be just a word or phrase to spark ideas.

In this Blogposts is a list of topics and under each topic is a list of prompts to get you started. You can use these prompts to write daily.

Let’s get started.


Haiku usually capture a moment in nature. You can use any of the prompt instances  to do that.

1. The first flower of spring blooming bright

2. Crisp leaves falling during autumn’s chill 

3. Dew drops glistening on grass at dawn

4. Thunder rumbling on a summer night 

5. Sunset painting the sky vivid orange

6. Fog rolling over the mountain ridge

7. The full moon shining bright overhead

8. Ripples on a tranquil pond at dusk

9. Icy crystals coating the window pane  

10. Rain pattering softly on the roof

2. Seasons

A bit different from nature are the various seasons. See the various instances you can write a haiku about.

1. New beginnings with spring’s hope and light

2. Sweltering summer days at their peak 

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3. Leaves changing color in autumn breeze

4. Blanket of snow muffling winter’s silence

5. Spring showers leaving behind fresh scents

6. Summer sunshine energizing each day

7. Fall winds whisking leaves to the ground

8. Frosty air crisping winter mornings

9. New flowers blooming with spring’s arrival

10. Long summer days filled with freedom

3. Emotions

From sad and depressing to anger and boiling with fear.

1. Heart racing with new love’s excitement

2. Tears falling with grief’s pit in my chest

3. Nerves jangling from worry and fear  

4. Smiling wide with joy’s swell in my heart

5. Stomach twisting from envy’s sharp thorns

6.Head pounding as anger boils over

7. Calm washing over with relief’s sweet sigh

8. Energy drained from sadness weighing down

9. Hope fluttering with dream’s possibility

10. Loneliness aching on empty nights

4. Slice of Life

There are phases of life you can slice and trap with haikus. These prompts are simple starting points.

1. Steam rising gently from morning coffee

2. Keys jingling loudly to find the right one

3. Smell of bread baking on breezy air

4. Glimpse of a rainbow after the storm passes

5. Dog barking eagerly when I get home

6. Stifling yawns during an early commute

7. Bubble bath soothing tired muscles 

8. Avoiding slippery patches on icy sidewalks

9. Cool breeze tickling skin on a walk outside

10. Sounds of clinking dishes as dinner’s cleaned

5. Relationships

We all have friends and loved ones. Those moments are part of our memories. They are the things we see when we head their name.Here are some ideas.

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1. Laughter shared with a close friend

2. A mother’s embrace full of warmth

3. Listening patiently to a hurting heart

4. Siblings bickering then making up

5. Couple gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes

6. Child delighted to see returning soldier

7. Friends supporting one another in grief  

8. Grandparents beaming with pride  

9. Colleagues collaborating seamlessly as a team

10. Strangers showing kindness in dark times

6. Introspection

You can write haikus after a moment in life looking back.

1. Searching for life’s purpose on my journey

2. Confronting my faults and flaws head on

3. Cherishing memories of times long gone

4. Yearning for a new path forward  

5. Regretting words left unsaid  

6. Dreaming of achieving untapped potential

7. Seeking wisdom through nature’s teachers

8. Desiring deeper meaning and connection

9. Reflecting on the brevity of life 

10. Evaluating my priorities and passions

7. Spiritual

Spiriaku. You see what I did there.

Those moments of spiritual enlightenment. Acts and scenes.

1. Finding renewal in the light of dawn 

2. Breathing in calm at sunrise’s glow

3. Hearing truth in the wind’s whispered wisdom

4. Glimpsing the vastness of life’s mystery  

5. Feeling gratitude for this fleeting moment

6. Sensing oneness with the universe’s energy

7. Awakening to life’s boundless beauty

8. Discovering clarity in stillness and silence 

9. Practicing peace amidst swirling chaos

10. Trusting in life’s unfolding journey

8. Humor/Whimsy

Beauty is great but we can also laugh.Let the haikus humor me.

1. Clothes pile Growling monster on the floor

2. Potato smiles after being baked crisp

3. Big sneeze shakes room like earthquake

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4. Dancing pineapple makes fruit salad

5. Dog salivates at table waiting for crumbs to drop

6. Ice cream cone melting in summer’s heat

7. Alarm clock frantically tries to wake me

8. Toaster ejects burnt toast flying through air

9. Sock puppet rocks out tiny air guitar

10. Sun hides behind cloud embarrassed to be seen

9. Special Occasions

We all have that special occasion where we can hold its beauty in three lines.

1. Popping champagne to welcome new year

2. Exchanging roses on Valentine’s day

3. Coloring Easter eggs in bright new hues

4. Marching in parades on Fourth of July  

5. Carving jack-o-lanterns’ glowing grin  

6. Gathering with family for Thanksgiving dinner

7. Trimming the Christmas tree with lights and ornaments

8. Celebrating milestones like birthdays and anniversaries

9. Tossing graduation caps in air after ceremony

10. Cutting wedding cake to share with loved ones

10. Imagination

Haiku can also capture the imaginary. From fantasy to science fiction.

1. Dragon sleeping on pile of gold and jewels

2. Mermaid swimming deep in the ocean’s blue

3. Wizard brewing potions beneath the moonlight

4. Alien’s saucer hovering in starry sky

5. Angel’s wings soaring over heavenly clouds

6. Cave glittering with crystals and gems

7. Spacecraft launching to cosmos’ wonder

8. Dinosaur roaming lush prehistoric jungles

9. Fairy flitting on gossamer insect wings

10. Robot awakening in futuristic metal city


Now you have it,one hundred  haiku prompts to spark your writing and creativity.

Which of the haiku prompts are you using? 

Let me know in the comments section.

By Onyemechi Nwakonam

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